Register Your Mobilehome California

A Fee and Tax Waiver Program for manufactured and mobilehome owners

Have fees and back taxes stopped you from registering your mobilehome?

A new state program can open the door to legal ownership, waiving certain fees and back taxes – saving homeowners possibly thousands of dollars.

But mobilehome owners must move fast, applying for and providing the necessary documents for the Fee and Tax Waiver Program.

5 reasons (and there are many more) why registering your mobilehome is the right move

  • Most mobilehome parks require legal registration
  • Registration helps legally transfer title of mobilehomes to heirs – spouse, children, etc.
  • Some home-improvement projects require a building permit – and proper registration
  • More mobilehome parks and utility companies are embracing individual rental space connections for services, such as electricity and water, and require registration.
  • Fire and flood insurance require registration

Get a move-on, start now!

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You’re eligible to obtain waivers from certain fees and back taxes when registering your mobilehome if:

  • Your home was registered in California in the past
  • You have not registered your home with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
  • You are not already participating in (HCD’s) Fee and Tax Waiver Program
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