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Mobilehome Owners Urged to Protect Themselves Against Fire or Natural Disaster Loss with Proper Title and Registration

Sacramento – In the wake of the wildfires across state this summer, the California
Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is reminding mobilehome
owners to protect their homes by ensuring they have current title and registration.

HCD, which administers the registration and titling program for mobilehomes, is offering
a temporary fee-and-tax waiver program for those who have never applied for
registration and do not have a certificate of title. So far, the program has waived more
than $1 million in past-due fees and taxes.

There are more than 517,000 mobilehomes in California, and an estimated 160,000
owners could be without proper title and registration. Without proper title and
registration, owners could be at risk of not being able to collect on their insurance after a
disaster simply because their names are not on the title.

“Fortunately, qualified owners whose mobilehomes were damaged or destroyed can
apply for our fee-and-tax waiver program,” said HCD Director Ben Metcalf. “Owners
affected by the recent fires should contact us right away.”

Owners who are not sure if they are on the certificate of title can contact HCD at
1.800.952.8356, and HCD will run a free title search.

“We hope every mobilehome and manufactured home owner who is eligible uses the
fee-and-tax waiver program,” said Director Metcalf. “HCD is here to walk them through
every step of the process, so they can protect their homes and have peace of mind.”

Help for Mobilehome Owners Who Don’t Have Current Title and Registration

In many cases, mobilehome owners do not realize their homes need to be titled and
registered. Others may want to obtain current title and registration but cannot afford to
pay past-due taxes and fees.

Mobilehome owners can find out if they are eligible for the fee-and-tax waiver program
by visiting www.RegisterYourMobilehomeCA.org — also available in Spanish at
www.RegisterYourMobilehomeCA.org/es — or by calling 1.800.952.8356 for help in
English or Spanish. Interpreters for other languages are available upon request.

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